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Visitor's Sideline

Order your visitor's sideline tickets today at We have tickets for Patriots games at Gillette Stadium along the visitor's sideline and you can purchase tickets to see the Patriots take on the visiting team live at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. If you are looking to be right in the mix of the fans at Gillette Stadium than you might consider sitting on the visitor's sideline for the game.

There are still plenty of seating options when you are looking to purchase visitors sideline tickets, from Lower Level Midfield and Lower Level Sideline (Rows 1-38), to Lower Level Corner/End Zone, Upper Level Midfield (Rows 1-26), Upper Level and Upper Level Corner (Rows 8/26). These sections are located behind the visitor's bench and are across the field from the New England Patriots' home bench.

Also offered on the visitor's sideline at Gillette Stadium is the Non Alcoholic Section located in the Lower Level/End Zone. For awesome seats on the visitor's sideline check out your options at To view tickets along the visitor's sideline, you'll have to find the game you want to attend, then you will see a seating chart and list of available tickets. You can narrow down the seats that you'd like to sit in along the visitor's sideline.

Please note: If you're a Patriots fan, these sections are not just for visiting fans. These sections are still a majority of Patriots fans and these are good seats to sit in if you want a good view of the field. Typically, visiting fans will like to sit behind their team's away bench, however, there is always going to be more Patriots fans surrounding you than any other fans.

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Visitor Sideline Sections

  • Lower Level Visitor's Sideline
    • Section 127
    • Section 128
    • Section 129
    • Section 130
    • Section 131
    • Section 132
    • Section 133
    • Section 134
    • Section 135
    • Section 136
  • Club Level Visitor's Sideline
    • Club 28
    • Club 29
    • Club 30
    • Club 31
    • Club 32
    • Club 33
    • Club 34
    • Club 35
  • Upper Level Visitor's Sideline
    • Section 327
    • Section 328
    • Section 329
    • Section 330
    • Section 331
    • Section 332
    • Section 333
    • Section 334
    • Section 335
    • Section 336